Salvatore DeGeorge, founder of DeGeorge Signature Events, has been known for decades in the Greater Boston area as a passionate, hands on, innovative, luxury hotelier and resort leader in the special events and catering arena. He has raised the bar by unleashing his unique creative palate with limitless imagination through telling a story whether it be for planning a wedding, non-profit gala or corporate event in and around New England.

Creating unforgettable, unexpected signature events that are a reflection of the client’s or organization’s values and personality has always been of the utmost priority. We understand that as event planning specialists and event producers every detail is essential.

The most distinctive reputation of DeGeorge Signature Events is its ability to instill VALUE to its clients in strategically budgeting in all the right places. Creating the greatest impact, with a much higher perceived investment. It is in this strategic planning that creates unforgettable memories giving guests something to talk about.

Our approach

Never feel complacent by the success of our past deliverables or rest on our laurels. Having three KEY OBJECTIVES creates new experiences from the past: